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Given the good results I am happy
to really ramp up the budget...


Google Adwords PCC
Selling to people who actually want
to hear from you
is more effective than interrupting strangers who don't.

Seth Godin

Get the right customers

Want to reach the right potential customers?

Google Adwords has a flexibility and reach unlike any other form of advertising - you can put your advert in front of people looking for specific keywords related to your business, and crucially only pay if someone actually clicks through to your website.

There aren't many other forms of advertising that can say this - and all with a level of control that allows you to specify a daily budget spend, turn your campaign off and on at the drop of a hat (if things get too busy!), or schedule them to run at specific times on specific days.

41% of all traffic
to websites comes from


source: Adweek

Putting your ad in front of people looking for your product or service is a great way of engaging potential customers. It's kind of like getting your business on to a busy high street, but a high street full of shoppers looking for your kind of business!

Test the water - no ongoing obligation

As a Google Engage agency, we are given vouchers that allow us to present this incredible offer - for just £120 we will:

- research keywords appropriate to your business
- set up an Adwords account and campaign for your business
- build one ad group targeting the most profitable keywords identified
- fund your campaign with £150 of clicks
- review and optimise your campaign for as long as the budget lasts

Watch the video below to find out a bit about how Adwords works:

Find out whether Adwords can help your business make more money online - sign up for this time-limited special offer today - just use the form to the right!

A word on eligibility

This offer is intended to get businesses that are new to Adwords set up - if you have used Adwords in the past, or are currently using Adwords, then we're sorry but this offer isn't for you!

Get £150 of clicks for £120!

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How long will a £150 budget last?
This depends on a number of things

1. How much per click your keywords cost - this varies between £0.10 to £10+ for the most competitive markets
2. How popular your niche is - more people search for car loans than search for elephant shaped garden ornaments
3. What daily budget level you wish us to use - we would recommend aiming for 50-100 visitors to your site a day initially.

What happens when the budget is spent?
After the initial £150 budget is spent, then you can choose to either cancel the account with no further obligation, or to continue using Adwords. At this point, responsibility for funding the Adwords clicks will move to you, and our monthly management fee will be the greater of 10% of your monthly Adwords spend or £120 (both + VAT). For this fee, we will continually review and optimise your account, build additional ad groups as necessary, report to you on a monthly basis and generally keep your campaign tickety-boo!

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